Anone Moose




Anone Moose



Weekly Updates:

1 - 2

4chan Name:

Anone Moose !anonJ5wIzI


Anone Moose is a writer for the Anon in Equestria thread on 4Chan's /mlp/ board.

Anone Moose is also a member of AiE's Grammar School, where readers assist writers in correcting their grammar and writing style. Outside of the grammar school, he is known for his story, "Cheerful Kindness", which is one of the few stories centering around Anonymous and Cheerilee, the schoolteacher from the show. Outside of this story, Anone Moose has written quite a few one-shots in his time in AiE.


Cheerful KindnessEdit

Anone Moose's most popular story is "Cheerful Kindness", where Cheerilee appears in an Anonymous's home, who is a Physics teacher at a university. It follows a slice-of-life comedy style, following the antics of pastel-colored ponies appearing on Earth.


Outside of the Grammar School, Anone Moose believes that all others hate him in some way, shape, form or fashion.

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