A Flockdraw drawing done by RnR66

A story of an Anon who rapes fillies, colts, and animals he is paid to take care of for his own sick pleasure. He rapes many ponies, a dragon, some griphons, and animals as he lives on in Equestria. No one knows his secret except for that one time with Caramel who joined him in raping teenage Applebloom.

Written by RnR66

Chapter 1 - Pumpkin Cake and Pound Cake

Chapter 2 - Dinky

Chapter 3 - Pinkie Pie

Chapter 4 - Featherweight and Truffle Shuffle

Chapter 5 - Pina Coloada

Chapter 6 - Snip and Snails

Chapter 7 - Bizzles

Chapter 8 - Spike

Chapter 9 - Dinky and PipSqueak

Chapter 10 - Diamond Tiara

Chapter 11 - Angel

Chapter 12 - Pepermint twist

Chapter 13 - Scootaloo

Chapter 14 - Sweetie Belle

Chapter 15 - Applebloom

Chapter 16 - Gem

Chapter 17 - OC

Chapter 18 - Shining Armor and Princess Cadence's foal

Chapter 19 - Final Chapter

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