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BettySpaghetti is a writer on the Anon in Equestria thread on 4Chan's /mlp/ board. Betty is famously-known for the "Spaghetti Sparkle" story, and for the high amounts of clop within said stories. Betty originally claimed to be a woman, but recently came out as being a man. Millions were heartbroken, and Admiral Ackbar said "I told you so.".

Betty started writing in thread 19 on March 20th, 2012, citing TheScooter as being a main inspiration for him. He started with his "Spaghetti Sparkle" story, and has since created over 100 pastes.


Spaghetti SparkleEdit

Betty's claim-to-fame, "Spaghetti Sparkle", follows the story of an Anon dating a Twilight Sparkle who has become a weaboo due to a series of past events. The story is well-known for the interactivity that Betty provided in the story, creating accounts on websites and letting readers' interactions play a part in the story. Betty states that "I had always wanted to write an interactive story and I saw the chance in Spaghetti Sparkle. I also wanted to let everyone know that dating someone "beneath" you is okay. In fact, they're not beneath you. They are beautiful and equal to you in their own specific way."

Living With Spaghetti SparkleEdit

"Living With Spaghetti Sparkle" is Betty's sequel to the story, "Spaghetti Sparkle". The story follows Anon and Twilight's domestic relationship and the hardships therein.