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"I haven't enough alcohol for these shenanigans."


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Bolding !!dVOHcUiBxA8

Other Aliases:

Apples, Bloding, Boldozer, PunAnon, Pink, Dumping Ponies


Bolding is a massive faggot. He doesn't understand why people enjoy his company, so he just rolls with it.


Bolding first appeared in the AiE threads with little knowledge about the thread back in December of 2012. He started writing out of sheer boredom and nothing else. After trying his hand at story telling, Bolding decided to stick around and see what AiE had to offer.

Known as a chronic masturbating alcoholic, Bolding took on the job of list keeper in Feburary of 2013, managing the active and master lists until August of 2013, or known as "The Great Decline" to Bolding. He then passed it to Irish who has maintained the lists effectively since then. Bolding is still the go to guy when it comes to the Skype chats, however.

Mostly known for comedy his comedic oneshots, Bolding tries his best to keep the thread alive with as much green as possible. For a short while, he went under the alias of PunAnon, which was used to create single post stories about Anon's confrontations with a very "punny" Pinkie Pie. His more reknown stories are An Unlikely Hunter and Kissing the Sun. Notorious for starting stories and never finishing them, Bolding has eight AiE series as of writing this article.


An Unlikely Hunter

Living off odd jobs alone, Anon feels it's time to make some serious bank. Little does he know that after catching a petty thief, his life will change drastically.




Anonymous is sort of what you call a "coffee enthusiast" and is always looking for new ways to enjoy his coffee. When he finds a few coffee plants hidden in the Everfree Forest, he'll stop at nothing to make his favorite beverage. Little does he know what's in store for him and his friend, Fluttershy...



Cause and Effect

When Celestia meets with a soothsayer, she finds that the time for another princess will soon arrive, but an unknown creature will also intertwine with the fate of this said princess... whether it be directly or not.



Diamond Dust

With Rarity's money running low and her boutique in danger of closing, how far will she is she willing to go to make enough money to save her life's work?



A Stride Through the Planes

Spring cleaning sucks, but Twilight insists on making your house spotless. After a clearing of your closet, she finds a long, lost treasure you had completely forgotten about: your Magic the Gathering collection! But when you decide to have a friend match with Twilight, things go south pretty quickly. They always said the last planeswalkers had been chosen, but that doesn't mean history is alway correct...



Kissing the Sun

Anon is a strange, but nice guy. Always nervous, always awkward, but nice nonetheless. Celestia is the ruler of Equestria and the controller of the sun, but mostly keeps to herself.

So, what happens when you mix the two? Hilarity and high-jinx, that's what!



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