Weekly Updates:

2 - 4

4chan Name:

Codz !!hfGwSkJc+gS

Codz is a writer on the 4chan sub-board /mlp/. He writes multiple stories that he himself cannot even follow. If he tires with one he simply deletes it. He is also known to be a major Grammar Nazi, and he will hunt to the ends of the Earth to correct author's mistakes (though he calls it a 'curse'). He also makes short videos for random authors sporadically.

It is known that he only can make a story by knowing a beginning and an end point, but his problem is simply making it through the story itself.

He also gets intense feels if a story is properly written.


He has written thusfar:

  • You, Me, and a Warforged (WIP)
  • Fatal Famish (WIP)
  • Roma Nova (Collab)
  • The Jack of All Trades (WIP)
  • and Aperture Anon (WIP)

As you can see, he has a lot of work to do. He also has his one-short series, The Antics of Super Villain Anon, The Terrible Super Villain.

He plans to eventually finish all of his stories one day.

All of Codz's work can be found on his pastebin.

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