Wuten, the "King of Spaghetti"
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Wuten is an author and narrator for the Anon in Equestria thread, and admin of the Anon in Equestria wiki. He started in the Rainbro thread under an Anonymous handle, but lurked since the Flutterrapist threads. His first use of the handle "Wuten" was in the first Anon in Equestria thread, and he has since gone on to write and/or post in nearly every thread.

Wuten is most-famously known for his Sonic Boom story, due to the high number of OC (Original Character) ponies that are in it. For this he has received fluxuating amounts of good and bad feedback. He is also famously-known for creating "spaghetti" endings; this has given him the title "King of Spaghetti".

Aside from writing, Wuten is also known for his voice, narrating various stories and uploading them for others to listen to. He has also done song covers on occasion during intermissions between stories.

On June 2nd, 2012, Wuten created the "Anon in Equestria" Wikia after he learned of an article on another Wikia based on the "Fluffy Pony" thread on 4Chan. Not to be outdone by the already-known questionable content of said thread, he felt that the "Anon in Equestria" thread required its own wiki as well.


Sonic Boom

Wuten's first ever story, and most well-known story, was known as the "Sonic Boom" series. He started with a typical Rainbro story that ended up with Anonymous and Rainbow Dash becoming a couple, and eventually having a child, named Sonic Boom. The story follows Anon's life while the filly grows up, and is (in)famous with many writers and readers due to the heavy amount of original characters(OCs) that Wuten added to it, all of which based on writefags, or popular names within the thread itself. The story ended on April 4th with the "Full Circle" chapter, however Wuten later created one-shot spinoffs that tied in with the story, adding other minor character cameos such as Strelnikov and others into these short one-shots.

For the 200th thread, Wuten posted a "true ending" for Skippy, where Wuten's own OC was self-inserted into the story with omnipotent power and acted with complete meta-knowledge, sending all of the pony-versions of writers back to Earth in their normal human states, and sending Sonic Boom into a spaghetti-ridden dimension in complete solitary confinement.

This story is complete and is available on Wuten's Pastebin.

Dystopian Anon

Wuten's second story, "Dystopian Anon", was a short series that he did, crossing over the My Little Pony universe and the dystopian novel, Brave New World. It followed a World Controller, Anonymous, being thrown into the Equestrian world, and his interactions with the ponies and the clashing of the different societies. This story received positive feedback from readers for its staying true to not only the continuity of the novel, but being able to insert Anonymous into the world successfully. On the other hand, however, others felt that it was a bit too cut off from the readers to be able to relate to the Anon, or understand his mindset unless they had already previously read the original novel.

This story is complete and is available on Wuten's Pastebin.

Anon and the Happy Mask Salesman

Wuten's third story so far is "Anon and the Happy Mask Salesman", a cross-over story based loosely off of the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask video game. A human, Anonymous, comes across a lone traveling salesman, who reveals himself to be the Happy Mask Salesman. The salesman takes him in as his apprentice salesman, and sends him to the town of Ponyville to sell masks to the locals. This story received all-around very positive feedback, and many readers felt nostalgia from playing the original Majora's Mask while reading.

This story is complete and is available on his Pastebin.

Colors of a Rainbow

His fourth story is called "Colors of a Rainbow", and focuses on a different kind of Rainbro; in this case, it takes an Anonymous who grew up in Ponyville, and has him working in the Rainbow Factory, unknowing of the true nature of the factory itself. This story is his second attempt at a dark story, his first being "Dystopian Anon". This story received good feedback at first, however with the final ending of the story received mostly negative feedback due to it being so sudden, and due to it echoing the original "Rainbow Factory" fanfiction, something Wuten said he would do his best not to.

This story is complete and is available on his Pastebin.

Lost in Translation

Wuten's fifth story is "Lost in Translation", focusing on an Anonymous that cannot communicate verbally with the ponies. Wuten has stated that it will focus mainly on a lot of nonverbal communication between the ponies and Anonymous, such as gestures, facial expressions, and other ways. He has also stated that, unlike his previous stories, he plans to keep it as close to the slice-of-life genre as he can.

This story is on hold and is available on his Pastebin.


On request, Wuten took on a new story in the midst of writing "Lost in Translation". The story, entitled "Alone", follows an older Scootaloo as she battles with her feelings for Anonymous, eventually culminating in a rape scene. The anon requester's words were as follows:

Scootaloo is supposed to fall obsessively in love with Anon. She tries to advance on him here and there, with increasingly strong come-ons and bold claims. This, in turn, drives him slightly away, as he is afraid of her emerging mental cracks (which were well hidden by well-wishing friends before). It's not some mere "lust" thing or a heat of the moment rape. It's an emotion driven out of desperation and loneliness, and misguided affection culminating in a scene of "rape". Scootaloo is supposed to be driven to self-imposed desperation. The drama of the story not only comes from her raping Anon, but also her underlying emotions for him and loneliness.

This story is currently in-progress, and is available on his Pastebin.

Aside from these, Wuten has done a few minor one-shots as well. All of these are available on his Pastebin.


Wuten has been known to be very interactive with the community, wanting to encourage new writers to continue their work. Outside of this, he has been known to have good relations with Thunder, Aether, Pale Narrator, and others, when in the Skype chat.

Narrations and Song Covers

Wuten is also known for his narrations of stories written by other Anon in Equestria writers. He has created a YouTube Channel where he posts narrations that he records, whether they are live for the Skype call, or recorded with edits.

Outside of narrations, Wuten has also done song covers of popular Brony songs, as well as various other songs that have been modified to be AiE-related.

Weekly Livestream

Recently, Wuten has taken it upon himself to run a weekly livestream every Friday night at roughly 8:00PM CST. In this stream, he broadcasts various television programs that feature giant mechs fighting each other, followed by live narrations of AiE stories and sometimes live song covers.