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Zuul !Zuul.x1FhU

Zuul (also known as Zulu, Luuz, Peter, Zull, Puul, Zûal, Zune, Zuma, Zumba, Zool, Sool, Zoo, Nerd, and Zuulpony) is an author and a Flash animator for the AiE community.


Zuul's stories are:

  • Anon in Equestria (7 chapters/unfinished): A dark adventure/mystery/thriller about an anon who is sent to a chaotic, out of control Equestria.
  • Neckbeard in Horseland (3 chapters/finished): A gross spaghetti comedy about an overweight, socially-inept, mean spirited individual who finds himself in the world of his favorite show: My Little Pony.
  • One-Shots : A collection of miscellaneous short stories.

His AiE animations are:

  • Drury Lane (The Part Where They Fuck): Youtube Link
    Drury Lane00:17

    Drury Lane

    The Part Where They Fuck

Zuul's Pastebin:

Zuul's Youtube:

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